Exploring the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary

Oct 27, 2023


Welcome to Overatours, your gateway to exceptional travel experiences. In this article, we'll take you on a journey to the magnificent Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary, offering a fascinating glimpse into the diverse bird species found in this natural habitat.

What is the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary?

The Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary, located in Sri Lanka, is a truly remarkable treasure trove for bird enthusiasts. Tucked away in the western coastal belt, this sanctuary spans over 3,000 hectares and serves as a refuge for countless bird species. It is a wetland ecosystem harboring an incredible array of avifauna.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Muthurajawela

Muthurajawela boasts stunning natural beauty, with rich vegetation, verdant mangroves, serene waterways, and an abundance of wildlife. As you step foot into this sanctuary, prepare to be captivated by its tranquil atmosphere and immersive surroundings.

1. Engage with the Diverse Bird Species

The Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary is a true haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. With over 192 species of birds, both endemic and migratory, this sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to witness these winged wonders in their natural habitat. From vibrant kingfishers and elegant herons to majestic eagles soaring above, each visit is a unique and awe-inspiring experience.

2. Experience the Marvels of Mangroves

The Muthurajawela Sanctuary is dominated by lush mangrove forests, providing a thriving ecosystem for many bird species. These mangroves not only serve as nesting grounds but also act as vital feeding and breeding grounds for various aquatic animals. Explore the intricate maze of mangroves on a boat ride and witness the interplay between the avian residents and their environment.

3. Uncover the Hidden Wildlife

Aside from the incredible bird species, the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary is also home to a variety of other wildlife. From monitor lizards and fishing cats to water snakes and butterflies, this sanctuary is teeming with fascinating creatures. The diversity of fauna found here adds an extra layer of excitement to every visit.

Recommended Tour Packages

To fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary, Overatours offers comprehensive tour packages tailored to suit your preferences:

1. Birdwatching Extravaganza

Embark on a full-day birdwatching adventure with our expert guides. Explore the sanctuary's hidden corners, observe rare bird species up close, and gain valuable insights into their behaviors. This package ensures an unforgettable and educational experience for all birding enthusiasts.

2. Mangrove Safari

Delve deep into the unique mangrove ecosystem that defines the Muthurajawela Sanctuary. Navigate the waterways on a guided safari, capturing the beauty of calm lagoons, dense mangroves, and the vibrant wildlife that calls this sanctuary home.

Plan Your Visit to the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary

To make the most of your visit to the Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary, keep these useful tips in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes suitable for walking and exploring.
  • Carry binoculars, cameras, and additional batteries to capture memorable moments and bird sightings.
  • Follow the instructions of your experienced guides to ensure safety and minimize disturbance to the delicate ecosystem.
  • Consider visiting during the early morning or late afternoon for the best birdwatching opportunities.


The Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary is a true natural wonder, offering visitors an opportunity to witness the beauty of diverse bird species and explore the stunning mangroves. Immerse yourself in this magnificent sanctuary and let Overatours be your guide. Book your tour now for an unforgettable birdwatching experience!

Hensen Wong
I had no idea that Sri Lanka had such a diverse bird sanctuary! ­čś« The Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary sounds like a must-visit for nature lovers. ­čî┐­čÉŽ
Nov 2, 2023